25 Weird and Wonderful Tiki Mugs

There’s no such thing as a boring tiki mug. Even the most generic specimen are carved with exaggerated grinning faces or half-naked mermaids. But if you’re really serious about being tiki, you won’t stop with the generic. Here, 25 insane, over-the-top, extra-awesome tiki mugs that demand to be bought, Instagrammed and, of course, filled with tropical tiki cocktails.

Achim Schleuning/Wikimedia

The Tikinator

You’ll be back...to sip again and again from this mug.

Retro Planet


The iconic Tiki Bob face makes even a hand grenade appetizing.

Retro Planet

Blackbeard’s Ghost

Sip grog from this grizzled mug until you’re left asking, “But why is the rum gone?”

Retro Planet

Puffer Fish

Puffer fish are much less intimidating when they’re filled with booze.


Cobra Fang

Only biker gang members, heavy metal rockers and neck tattoo-havers need apply.

Retro Planet


Live every week like it’s shark week.

Retro Planet

Hotei Happy Buddha

Hotei, the Japanese god of contentment and happiness (and the patron saint of bartenders), knows that the fastest route to enlightenment is downing another Mai Tai from his belly.

Retro Planet

Neko Lucky Cat

In Japan, Maneki Neko (good fortune cats) are believed to bring good luck, but at Supercall, we leave our fate up to Zombies.

Retro Planet


Hypnotiki has his eye on you. He definitely saw you top your drink with an extra float of 151.

Retro Planet


We spent all those years looking for Bigfoot in the forest, but the whole time he was chilling at the tiki bar.

Kevin Schlittenhardt/Supercall


A little bit Misfits, a little bit Nightmare Before Christmas, Bones is just adorably goth enough to be our new best friend.


You could listen to the ocean by putting a conch up to your ear. But we find drinking from one much more calming.

Witch Doctor

Witch doctor? This doctor.

Presidential Heads

Mount Rushmore not included—but you can order it separately! God bless America.

Christmas Pudding

The next time you have a British friend over for tiki night, serve them a cocktail in this mug and watch their eyes glisten nostalgically as they remember mince pies and figgy puddings of Christmases past.


We don’t recommend smashing this masterpiece with a bat, but we do insist that you slurp up all the goodies inside of it before anyone else does.

Ernest Hemingway

Papa Hemingway probably wouldn’t be a fan of all the sweet flavors in tiki drinks (he was known to request sugar-free cocktails), but he certainly was passionate about rum—and tiki drinks have plenty of that to go around.

Frank’s Stein

It’s Frankenstein’s monster...as a stein. Get it?

Statue of David

Now this is what we call art.

Fine-n-Dandy Top Hat

Magicians pull rabbits out of top hats. Mixologists put cocktails into them.

Turkey Drumstick

For all of those times you thought, “This Thanksgiving dinner needs more rum.”

Cowboy Boot

Tiki meets the Wild West meets Das Boot.  

Day of the Dead Skull

You’re too old to trick or treat on Halloween. Console yourself by drinking from this Dia de Los Muertos skull.


If Cinderella was smart, she would have never even put on those glass slippers and sipped from them instead.


Star Wars Geeki Tikis

You win, Tiki Chewie. Just take my money already.