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The 5 Coolest Ice Molds Money Can Buy

When it comes to making beautiful cocktails, there’s no better way to make a drink glow from within than with awesomely cool ice. Though many novelty molds create ice that’s too small and melts too quickly, there are plenty out there that make functional ice that also looks amazing. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a Star Wars-loving whiskey geek, or just need to up your own ice game, here are five of our favorite eye-catching—but practical—ice molds.

Skull Ice, $26

Have a penchant for the macabre? This set of three eye patch- and monocle-clad skull ice molds will add a bit of spooky funk to an Old Fashioned or a Rusty Nail. And, yes, they will be judging you with each and every sip, so make sure you perfect your stirring skills.

Crushed Ice Mold, $12

Put away your Lewis bag and mallet. This gadget makes crushing ice easy. Simply freeze and squeeze the mold to instantly crush ice without any extra tools. A tray-full is only good for one Mint Julep or Mai Tai, though, so it’s best for those who choose to sip solo (or those with lots of open freezer space).

Diamond Ice, $14

Fancy whiskey calls for fancy ice. These crystal-cut cubes are incredibly simple to make—just fill the tray up and wait. The faceted ice jewels will make any rocks glass look like a million bucks. Like they always say, “Diamonds are a whiskey’s best friend.”

Ice Shot Glasses, $10

If you hate taking shots of room temperature liquor, these ice molds are calling your name. Instead of creating a cube or sphere that you throw into a glass, this ice is the glass. While you could just freeze water, we recommend trying other liquids and a complimentary liquor to make them even more chilly and enticing. We’re feeling a ginger beer ice glass filled with rum, for a fun twist on the Dark and Stormy.

Death Star, $10

We all have one lightsaber-toting, Star Wars-obsessed friend. For them, we recommend this Darth Vader-approved Death Star mold. Whiskey is no match for this ice’s slow-melting force. You’ll be able to refill your glass more than once without having to replace the ice—perfect for a day streaming your way through the original trilogy.