Everything you need to know about Amsterdam's smartshops

Published On 11/12/2014 Published On 11/12/2014
Kokopelli Smartshop
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Tatanka Smartshop
Stichting Mediamatic
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When Nature Calls
Chills & Thrills Of Amsterdam
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1. Kokopelli Warmoesstraat 12, Amsterdam, 1012 JD

Opened in 1993, this was the first smartshop in Amsterdam, and although it started out selling vitamins and herbal energy drinks, you can now get much more potent substances to enjoy in the cushy lounge area.

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2. Magic Mushroom Gallery Spuistraat 249, Amsterdam, 1012VP

MMG is a "souvenir shop" located in the Spui 'hood and it specializes in truffles (aka philosopher's stones), which are basically the same as mushrooms, but slightly watered down.

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3. Tatanka Smartshop Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 151A, Amsterdam, 1017 PZ

Just one of multiple locations, Tatanka features magic truffles and a host of other similar products, not to mention a knowledgable staff that will guide you to the right choice whether you're a newbie or a seasoned vet.

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4. Mediamatic Fabriek VOC-kade 10-12, Amsterdam, 1018 LG

Located in the Eastern Docklands, Mediamatic gives you a little bit of everything, serving as a gallery, project space, aquaponics farm, AND a cafeteria. And if you're interested in growing your own mushrooms, stop by for one of their workshops held every few months.

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5. Smart-Zone Sint Annenstraat 19, Amsterdam, 1001 RB

Located in the Red Light District, this smartshop features a wide range of products from psilocybin items to herbal stimulants to aphrodisiacs and more.

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6. Innerspace Spuistraat 108, Amsterdam, 1012 VA

This Dam Square smartshop is been open since 1995 and is well known for taking its products (energizers, herbs, seeds, all the usual smartshop suspects.) and talents on the road to outdoor music festivals.

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7. Azarius Kerkstraat 119, Amsterdam, 1017 GE

Nestled in the Canal Belt, Azarius is a go-to for true spiritual warriors since, in addition to selling the usual suspects like most smartshops, it also sells ayahuasca mixes, which are blends of psychotropic herbs, used in South American vision quests. And if you're worried about your potential vision quest, Azarius is also an info center for the curious.

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8. Alien Visitors Zoutsteeg 13, Amsterdam, 1012 LX

This tiny nightclub of a shop -- located in Dam Square -- might be located in a hidden alleyway sports a number of different products like party clothes, blacklight gear, inside intel on the clubbing scene (!), and herbal party favors.

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9. When Nature Calls 508 Keizersgracht, Amsterdam, 1017 EN

This Canal Belt smartshop is full of sleek gadgets from vaporizers to tools to test the safety of "party favors", all while making the whole smartshop business look downright classy -- right down to the crystal chandelier.

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10. Chills & Thrills Nieuwedijk 17, Amsterdam, 1012 LZ

Not only does Chills & Thrills offer a full line of glass pipes (yes, you can call them bongs here, though the Dutch don’t), vaporizers, and even glass vaporizers -- but it's also a grow shop, too.