6 things you must do in Atlanta this July 4th weekend

Atlanta It's nearly America's birthday, so make sure you have a 4th of July weekend worthy of Benjamin Franklin with plenty of patriotic food and drink... and maybe fewer Parisian courtesans.

Thursday, July 3rd: Start with (patriotic?) adult trivia at Flip Flops until 11pm, then get half-off frozen drinks of every color, including strawberry daiquiris for red, piña coladas for white, and... um, whatever booze they serve that is blue. Continue Reading

Friday, July 4th: 60,000 insane people are running 6.2 miles from Buckhead to Midtown in the July heat. You, on the other hand, should join the thousands more who will grab a lawn chair and a cooler, or a spot on a great patio, and politely clap for passing joggers while you “rehydrate”.

Friday, July 4th: This is your opportunity to participate in a corn dog eating contest without losing your dignity. Presumably the trick is not to eat the stick. Assuming you survive that, there will be fire-breathing, nail-impaling, and Pallookaville’s famous alcoholic shakes.

Friday, July 4th: The Westside’s best ‘cue slingers are plying you with the most American of all foods: mounds of slow-smoked meat. They’ll be going hard all weekend, but Friday at 5pm is a particularly smart time to show up, since that's when they're tapping a free keg of Red Hare.


Friday, July 4th: Avoid the hassle of jockeying for a decent fireworks space and let Ventanas hook you up with a helipad view, BBQ, and a some of America’s best booze. Go ahead and upgrade to the VIP package for full open bar and buffet. It’s what Uncle Sam would want you to do.

Saturday, July 5th: Not much is more ‘merican than bottles of whiskey and chainsaw-fueled rock 'n roll. Join the guys from truTV's Full Throttle Saloon as they sign some liquor bottles and ride motorcycles. End the night with some badass tunes from Jackyl. Yes, Jackyl is still a band, and it is your constitutional right to experience them.