What smells so good? The year's best stories that defy categorization.

Auto Spa Bistro: ASB's your brand-new, all-in-one option for automotive-cleansing, stomach-filling, and (god bless 'em) booze-consuming...more

Travis Does Anything: Refusing to be a job market casualty, TDA's a Tumblr set up by local copywriter Travis Broyles, which tracks the results of an epic, just-posted Craigslist ad entitled "I Do Anything"...more

Frick And Frack Scraps: Grittily handmade in Washington (the GA spot, not the one that's planning on removing everyone's ceilings or something), F & F makes handy home and outdoor knick-knacks from a variety of repurposed materials...more

Holy Smoke: HS's a company founded by two state law enforcement officers/game wardens that lets you honor your dearly departed by putting their cremated remains into live ammunition...more

Boombox Museum: An e-shrine to the Ghettoblaster (which's strangely based in Alpharetta), BM takes you on a chronological journey through the time when jam boxes ruled the land/shoulder, via mounds of photos and remarkably knowledgeable/geeky factoids...more