Tech it to the limit with the year's best

TripLingo: Lingo's a just-launched, ATL-founded mobile app with a variety of awesome tools to help you really talk like the locals when abroad, and hopefully score one yourself...more

ZocDoc: Essentially an OpenTable for MDs, ZocDoc makes it insanely quick and easy for you to nail down appointments with local physicians and specialists...more

Trulia Crime Maps: A sometimes-terrifying yet somehow always-fun interactive service outta San Fran (gangsta!), TCM hits residents of ATL and other US metropolises with constantly updated stats on crimes that're happening in their very 'hoods...more

DrinkOwl: Because the happy hour law completely sucks, Owl's a new-to-ATL, totally free phone app/website that delivers glorious news on discounted beverages all around town...more

Avatomics: Avatomics is an ATL-based service that turns a photo of you into a comic strip-worthy graphic avatar for online profiles, completely handled by a local social media-specializing artist/web developer...more