2Pac would not be mad at how Danny Boy remade D'Jango

Legends owner Danny Steward -- who you may remember as Danny Boy from Death Row fame, and a little-known 2Pac song called "I Ain't Mad At Cha", even though Suge probably was when Danny accidentally elbowed him in the face -- overhauled D'Jango into a classier music-themed restaurant with servers ready to break into song/dance on demand, a custom brown leather banquette shaped like a piano, and glass-tiled wall displays featuring classic albums from The Stylistics and The Isley Brothers

You'll twist and shout about sandos like Chicago-style Italian beef on sourdough and sherry BBQ salmon, plus tapas ranging from fried chicken, tilapia, and/or shrimp, to pita-crusted pizza w/ turkey sausage, to the tequila-infused Shrimp Shooter Cocktail, all created by chef Elgin Edwards, who's also a pro boxing trainer. While you're ordering cocktails from Bob Marleys to orange vodka Flintstones, check the flyer on your table with your server's photo and a QR code that links to a bio outlining their specific talent (mostly singing, not a ton of being good at lacrosse), which they'll display on demand if they're not putting on live street shows with cover songs from icons like Whitney Houston, or less likely, playing lacrosse

They'll also have karaoke on weekday nights starting at 5p, plus Mon night comedy, reggae from Highlanda on Fri, and old-school hip-hop on Sat, so you should definitely Hit 'Em Up... whoa, not like that, Danny!