An awesome quarterly art stroll begins in the 04W

Bar crawls are great, but rarely afford you the opportunity to say “ah, yes, the use of texture dovetails with the artist’s stance on untenable world economies. Unless this painting is just about drugs”. That's why you should hit All 4 One, which is foregoing singing "I Swear" over and over to host a quarterly art crawl through Old 4th Ward galleries hosting works ranging from Hunter S.-inspired stuff to a battle-rap-style paint-off. Hit up:

ABV Gallery: Fear & Loathing in ATL If you love Hunter Thompson, or are currently on a rollicking combination of ether, acid, and pure human adrenaline, drink in ABV's 100% free New Belgium brews and stuff like Shawn Knight’s 3D "assemblage sculpture" that involves a “dripping” road, T-Rex heads, and oranges with knives jammed into them.

Mint Gallery: Maybe Next Year Luckily, they’re definitely doing it this year, complete with live music, a donation-based bar, and art from graphics master Kevin Byrd and Nikki Starz, who loves making sculptures of dogs in party hats, but whose original programming can’t compete with Nikki Showtime’s.

Melvin Gallery: Elements This one’s showcasing the “four basic elements of art” (photography, sculpture, painting, and mixed media, obvi), which means a fleet of custom “big, scary bikes”, stuff from graf-crossover guy PLF, and a badass phoenix made of materials that artist Jac Coffey scavenged from the Beltline project, although he actually decided to finish his own.

Stuart McClean Gallery: WWAF Fabian “Occasional Superstar” Williams is hosting a three-round art battle, with the second round seeing a model from the crowd getting painted, before the two finalists create an exaggerated (read: really, really stupid-looking) caricature of their opponent, all of which they say is based on the concept of “Ric Flair and Bob Ross creating an event together”, affording you the opportunity to say “WOOO!...dn’t you like to see me paint some happy trees?”