The boogie man art show's back with new beasts and beers

Whether you're Kelsey Grammer or not, say "I'm a Beast" at the second coming of the creepily awesome art show at ST2, where graphic artist Eric Nine will turn local underground creative-peoples into monsters while you make astute comments about beastly art and enjoy delicious beers curated by Ale Sharpton, who's put in the work to ensure that everyone gets Rev'd up

The lineup of intricately monster-fied peeps includes Mindzai's Scott Weatherwax as Jack the Ripper, DJ Rasta Root as muscle-bound ogre Rasta Brute, and Sound Table owner/DJ Karl Injex, who'll be eating a raw animal leg while rocking horns, naturally. Oskar Blues'll provide free tasting sips (from 8-10p) of their Dale's Pale Ale, Mama's Little Yella Pils, and Deviant Dale's, an 8% IPA they call "the Devil incarnate", so hopefully not anyone from their NHL '94 team... Scott Stevens? 74 rating? That's seriously your best player? Didn't they win the Cup that year?! And then there's live beast-themed art by "afro-futurist" Hebru Brantley, and a live performance from "full-band Outkast"-esque trio Grand Prize Winners From Last Year, whose name would be pretty silly if they weren't the grand prize winners from last year!! Respect

In two months Sharpton and Nine'll be putting on a dinner called the Beast Feast, in which five local chefs including Mike LaSage of just-opened Bone Lick BBQ will make scary dishes that'll be paired to SweetWater beers, which should have all the girls looking like Angels.