Two days of Prohibition-style drinking

You won't have to throw the revelers in the closet and pretend you're running a store that sells wooden hoops to hit with sticks when the cops swing by next month's Speakeasy Fest, a two-day '20s tribute at which you'll sample cocktails aplenty from bars & booze-makers (Tito's, Famous Grouse, Brugal, dozens more) while celebrating "the entire culture surrounding hooch and its evolution to the beer, wine, and cocktails of today". A quick rundown of the haps

Gambling: Proceeds'll go to charity as you play roulette, craps & poker for prizes like Dave & Buster's gift cards and vacations, so either way you'll be Cruis'n USA, or if you're really lucky/have tons of quarters, World

Makers & Shakers: Bev-masters from Fifth Group and other ATL restaurants/bars will dress in the era's fashion (hooray, cloche hats, picot-edged tabs, and carwash hems!!) while competing to make the perfect drink employing a secret ingredient announced on the spot

Cars, Clothes & Mo': Exceptional '20s outfits (carwash hems, son!) will get you a shot at daily cash prizes, classic cars'll be rolled in to gawk at, and the grand finale gala'll feature aerial burlesque from ATL's own Sadie Hawkins, plus jazzy bands like cello/ guitar fusion duo Montana Skies

Cigar Lounge: Smoke down hookahs and stogies from Lex12 and others while sipping moonshine from Ole Smoky including their White Lightnin', which -- don't worry, officer -- is just what they call that Italian kid who's really good at the stick and hoop game.