It's even Elite-r than it used to be

Because Atlanta is dangerously short on strip clubs, here comes Stilettos, which gutted Dancer Elite in a six-fig overhaul that includes fresh carpet (yes, fresh carpet), allover mirrors, three stages including two color-lit platforms (one in the back corner and another front & center), and a bar equipped with three poles, each of whom is actually pretty smart considering the line of work they got into

From 4p to 3a they rotate a staff of 30 carefully selected ladies of varying types, including four that were rehired from DE, some poached from nearby high-end clubs (think of a large, fast-running cat), and a couple of tall, leggy ones the manager says are "Playboy material", so presumably they were used in Hef's Friar's Club roast. Settle into tiger-striped fur chairs for bottle service (Moet Rose, Crown XR...), and they'll even serve popcorn at your table, as the GM very ambitiously wants the joint to feel like "the adult Chuck E. Cheese", although the rules prohibit you from being Mr. Munch... you know, because you're not a pizza-loving animatronic monster

Also be prepared for themed costume nights, which'll include all the other Chuck E. Cheese characters "sports" (jerseys!), "hats", "dirty secretary", and "lingerie", which with any luck will also be dangerously short.