Plan your Atlanta Falcons pregame like a pro

Published On 10/02/2013 Published On 10/02/2013
woman dressed up for Atlanta Falcons party

What do Falcons do? They rise up. Then they take a shower and get their asses down to The Dome early to grab a spot at one of the great pre-game drinking/eating spots around the gulch.

Park Bar
Tucked away on the side of Centennial Park is a raucous little joint with a signature game-day drink that's made w/ Crown Royal & fruit juice, and is so popular they've actually put it on tap. The tap's unmarked though, so you've got to ask for it by name: the "Red Zone Punch".

Googie Burger
This little burger stand may not look it, but they've got giant burgers (the double-pattied Beefy Pig Burger w/ bacon, smoked pork, cheese & barbecue mustard sauce), AND, unbeknownst to many, a selection of beers you can drink openly (and legally) in the park!

Bars are always packed on game day, but, if you get a seat at one of STATS' double-tap tables, you can pour your own draughts. They'll even customize it with sweet brews like SweetWater 420 for those who like a little depth in their beer, or a hard cider for the... uh, girls. Riiiiight.

Avoid the 20min drink lines at chain sports bars and hit this sweet adult arcade with an automatic beer pong table and their own game-day drink you'll need to ask for by name: The Dirty Bird, which's a bourbon, OJ, peach schnapps, ginger ale & grenadine combo.

Honorable Mention: TJ's Sandwiches at the CNN Center
Not really a bar, but what looks like a nondescript sandwich place in the CNN food court holds a wondrous secret: 32oz drafts for $6 and change, which is approximately eleventy times cheaper than the beers you can get at The Dome.

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1. Game-X 275 Baker St, Atlanta, GA 30313 (Downtown)

This 12000sqft space's tricked out like a cocktail-filled barcade Game-X. And on the off chance that you were the kind of kid who played sports and stuff... maybe just go here and wedgie people trying to feel like a kid again?

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2. Park Bar 150 Walton St, Atlanta, GA 30303 (Downtown)

Park Bar's a pre- and post-concert/Hawks game spot from the Sidebar/Engine 11 guys, which's welcoming you with 12 drafts, 40 bourbons, 'tails on tap, and bar eats like a 14oz Buckhead Beef NY strip.

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3. STATS Restaurant & Bar 300 Marietta St, Atlanta, GA 30313 (Downtown)

STATS takes food and sports seriously, so if you do too, stop in for games on tons of TVs, an extensive food menu, and tons of beer/drinks.

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4. CNN Center 190 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303 (Downtown)

Take the 55min tour of CNN's global headquarters studio where lots of fun, newsy things happen!

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5. Googie Burger 265 Park Ave W Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30303 (Downtown)

Googie's a Jetsons-esque, futuristic-yet-'50s-styled walk-up stand with an orange-paneled exterior, windows that let you observe the grilling, and a kinda-crazy, sharp-angled diagonal ceiling shooting from the ground up to 60 feet, with nearby tables offering a close view of our "Fountain of Rings" (which Larry King opted for after the youth one clearly didn't work out).