Kenny Powers' assistant talks about his new AFF movie and other randomness

After starring in the Danny McBride-produced The Catechism Cataclysm, which'll be screened tomorrow night as part of the Atlanta Film Festival, comic actor Steve Little made time in between prepping for another new film, doing voice work for Cartoon Network, and gearing up to tape another season of Eastbound & Down, to talk to us about Kenny Powers' cornrows, the funniest word in the English language, and Pat Morita.

Do you really talk like that? No, I don't really talk like that. I mean, you can hear me you think I talk like that?

You're talking like that right now! Oh, am I? Well, maybe I do. But I think it's just a heightened version. So there.

Did you base Stevie from Eastbound & Down on someone you actually knew? Or just Kevin Connolly? Um, no, it was neither. It was a little bit of parts of people I knew. Somebody I knew was obsessed with high school, so there was that part. And just the fact that Stevie's sort of in love with Kenny Powers.

In The Catechism Cataclysm, you play a heavy-metal-loving priest who's sent on a sabbatical to find himself. By the way, what the hell was going on in that movie? Yeah... uh... at one of the film festivals they asked the director that same question. The mastermind of it all, Todd Rohal. "What the hell happened?" He said, "I don't know man." He's confused. But he said it was like explaining an album. You don't listen to an album and say to a guy, "Hey, what was your album about?"

We recently wrote a story about a BBQ joint called Boners, and it's right off the highway. What advice, knowing Cataclysm has a scene about highway boners, do you have for such businesses? Oh. Well, that business, I don't know if they need my advice, because that's such a great name for a barbecue joint. I know that with that name they'll attract a lot of female clientele. Um, maybe I would open a restaurant across the freeway that's called something else, so the men don't have to eat boners. I don't know. Areolas.

You have a recurring character on Reno 911! named "Crazed Naked Man". How'd the tryout for that go exactly? When you audition for Reno 911!, you actually go in there and you're with the guys who play the cops, and they say "All we wanna know is did you call the cops, or were the cops called on us?" And I said "the cops were called on us!", and even though I'm naked and have cocaine under my nose or whatever, you just improv the scene.

You're also the voice of the The Duke of Nuts on the Cartoon Network's Adventure Time...did your Crazed Naked Man experience help with this? No, but eating at Boners helps with The Duke of Nuts experience.

You're an alum of the Groundlings, the LA improv troupe with members like Conan, Will Ferrell, and Jimmy Fallon. Who would you say are the top three Groundlings of all time? Pat Morita better be like, three of them. That's a good question! Pat Morita is number one. Pat Morita, myself, and...Pat Morita.

How many snickerdoodles could you eat in one sitting? Another good question. Are these homemade or 7-Eleven-bought snickerdoodles? I prefer the homemade, but the 7-Eleven ones come in that three-pack. So I can eat three. But the homemade I can probably eat...I'm gonna say eight.

Who's your favorite Spice Girl, and why? I like Ginger Spice, because she's also Sexy Spice. I don't like Sporty Spice. I don't need Posh Spice. Baby Spice is alright, and I like to be scared, so Scary Spice. But I would go with Sexy/ Baby/ Scary. Then I don't need the other two. A three-headed monster.

Have you ever accidentally killed a man? Accidentally? No, not accidentally.