Holy qrap

History's full of awesome headquarters, from the Batcave, to Castle Grayskull, to the Fortress of Solitude, to the TMNT's storm-sewers beneath the Batcave, Castle Grayskull, and the Fortress of Solitude. Now joining the ranks of those all-time awesome HQs… um… HQ, Revel's newest, now-open nightclub

The Sights: A four-story spire perched 100ft above the Atlantic, this all-night ooncery features 50000sqft of indoor/outdoor dance floor, a two-story video wall spanning main and VIP mezzanine levels, around-the-clock bass-pumping EDM, and confetti cannons. Also awesome: there's a private ocean-view roof deck patrolled by masked chicks with swords (!) and lots of latex (here's photo proof). Oh, and there're still THREE not-yet-open floors: a glassed-in rooftop and two lower levels including a library bar that'll pour custom 'tails -- woohoo

The Sounds: When its custom booth and decks aren't turned over to Lollapalooza headliners like AVICII (Sunday!), HQ'll boast a resident rotation of crazy-famous DJ-producers like Danny Tanner! A-Trak, Calvin Harris, and electrofunk duo Chromeo

The S...drinks: Garter-clasped booze-tenders'll pop caps on 14 imports and domestics, plus cater to your basic cocktail needs at four bars across the dance floor, mezz, and sky deck, while troupes of glowstick-armed, corset-cinched bottle girls deliver Belvedere and Dom, too much of which'll leave you with a Splinter-ing headache.