Free knowledge is free power

Everyone has holes in their education, but going back to school takes money and time, and exponentially more of both every time Preppy stops the latter to explain something you've already figured out. Fill those holes casually -- sans cash/bending of the space-time continuum -- with Austin Free Skool.

Started by a recent UT "I don't have a major but I" Plan 2 grad inspired by a similar concept in Santa Cruz, AFS is a loose collective of knowledgeable folks (from self-professed experts to doctoral students and certified instructors) offering all manner of gratis informal classes in various public places, covering both lifestyle-oriented subject matter and truly serious studies. Artistic classes include a Photography Walkabout that'll raise your game above point-and-shoot while exploring the ATX, as well as a BYOP Basic Painting Technique class; health's handled via Vegetarian Cooking (taught by the school's founder, a two-year vegan), while your sausage can benefit from Attraction Psychology 101 skills like asserting your presence in a room, carrying on conversation, and even improving bedroom technique, though no amount of schooling can prevent the direst boudoir pitfall of all: her noticing that you still play Pitfall!. Things get headier with Italian for Beginners at Pease Park (promises to have you "speaking like a four-year old child in no time"), Fractals and Chaos Theory (uses advanced mathematics to explain the world around you), and contemporary perspectives on the Communist Manifesto -- a one-off event, so be sure to Marx your calendar, and Trotsky right over. Seriously, don't be Stalin.

Should you already be knowledgeable enough to actually teach something to another person, Free Skool is currently accepting prospective lesson plans, and encourages anyone to step up to the chalkboard, as long as they keep the Screeching to a minimum.