Chain restos, trailer exodus, and marshmallow vodka

Austin's growing, and unfortunately the associated pains have little to do with Kirk Cameron. Our crew of luminaries reflect on downward-spiraling local concepts, the demise of food trailer parks, the influx of national chains, and... getting old sucking.John Mueller departing his namesake bbq joint across the street from our new restaurant Sway. Say what you will about that guy, but he made some incredible bbq. His beef short ribs were no joke.- Jesse Herman, La Condesa/SwayThe continued rise of ridiculous flavored vodkas. Just say no to Marshmallow Fluff Vodka, Whipped Cream Vodka, and the like. Ugh.- Bill Norris, Midnight CowboyIt was very disappointing to read that the food trailers on South Congress have to leave. I understand the reason but it's disappointing to see such a staple in the food scene be displaced.- Doug Guller, Bikinis/PelonsMore chains opening where I wish there was more local (Chipotle on S Lamar in that great old white building that was a golf shop).- Joshua Bingaman, HELM BootsHai Ky. Used to be so good....- Tyson Cole, UchiIt's disappointing to me that Austin is so quick to judge & ruthless with new restaurants. It takes time & effort to make a place great, so for any restaurant that opened in 2012, I will give second chances. Even thirds.- Sonya Cote, Hillside FarmacyOne word: permitting.- John Bates, Noble Pig SandwichesI went out to F1 this year for the big race and absolutely loved it. Strangely I have become a serious F1 fan as a result. I really wanted to know what a Ferrari party looks like, but I was so tired after the race that I went to bed. I guess my biggest disappointment is in my own party stamina.- Tim League, Alamo DrafthouseThere are still no great restaurants/bars/gathering places open south of Ben White.- Mat Clouser, Swift's AtticNo disappointments. Obama was re-elected.- James Newman, Service Menswear