Umami slices, motel drinks, and odd ducks

So that you don't wither up and die before '14, you should definitely follow your mom's advice and eat your vegetables/drink your milk. Once you've hit the essentials, take this even better advice from some of Austin's most distinguished palates

Qui figures to be great, Salt & Time will rule, and I will probably try to drink my way around the world of wines on the new patio at East End Wines. That, plus more local beer, fine bourbon, and wild boar.- Mat Clouser, Swift's Attic

East Side King at Hole In The Wall, eat more TacoDeli "Delhi Beli" tacos, and Kome Chazuke from Kome.- James Newman, Service Menswear

Salt & Time's brick and mortar, and anything Jesse Griffith does.- Jason Dodge, Peche/Cherry St

Jamon Iberico de Bellota. It's the best ham you can eat in your lifetime. It's salty, nutty, savory, and beautifully fatty. Natto, the fermented soybeans from Japan, are always good. Also, the exploration of the culinary use of bath salts.- Tatsu Aikawa, Ramen Tatsu-Ya

As a really big fan of pizza, top on my list to try for next year is Umami Mia Pizzeria in the old Romeo's spot.  - Doug Guller, Bikinis/Pelons

Sway, the new East Side King brick and mortar locations, Ramen Tatsu-Ya, the as-yet-unnamed bar that Chris Bostic and the Varnish (LA) team are opening on Rainey Street. Hopefully a Dai Due brick-and-mortar location and Adam Bryan’s new bar Motel.- Bill Norris, Midnight Cowboy

The return of Odd Duck!- Rene Ortiz, La Condesa/Sway

I always have the 512 Barrel Aged Pecan Porter on my local must drink list. We have so many great new beer bars with strong local selection, you don't ever have to drink a beer from more than 100 miles away. - Tim League, Alamo Drafthouse

Can't wait to try SWAY. Excited to see what the new (female!!) chef at Mulberry is doing. Haven't tried Clark's but it's on my list (CAVIAR!!).-Sonya Cote, Hillside Farmacy

Shiner Bock and H.E.B. sparkling water.- Michael Portman, Birds Barbershop