Austin's gonna get invaded again, but by whom?

Everyone knows that 2012 was dominated by ramen, reclaimed barnwood, and the shark-jump of the moustache, but what's next? Our sources say mullets and hot dogs

The closure of more food trailers. We might have hit the tipping point on food trailer density. I love them, but some of the middle-of-the-road offerings may crumble.- Tim League, Alamo Drafthouse

More people will move to Austin, and more bars lit by Edison bulbs will open.-Michael Portman, Birds Barbershop

Pork belly prices will skyrocket due solely to Austin's culinary scene. We'll find life on Mars... and they'll be ramen-based lifeforms. A one-eyed man named Snake will finally escape from LA. Walter White will start producing bath salts. Kevin Costner will restore the US Postal Service. Somebody will write a book about the Mayans being liars. Finally, someone will invent a bacon stretcher.- Tatsu Aikawa, Ramen Tatsu-Ya

Hot dogs and spring rolls.- Rene Ortiz, La Condesa/Sway

Cocktail bars are going to start getting less mixy-poo and start incorporating elements that people love about bar bars -- live music, patios, games, juke boxes, pool tables, maybe even strippers? Who knows what the future will bring. - David Alan, Tipsy Texan

Larry McGuire and his posse will open a gagillion more restaurants that kill it. - Joshua Bingaman, HELM Boots

Philip Speer wins Food and Wine or Beard award. Sway becomes busiest/loudest restaurant in ATX. South Lamar continues to become the epicenter for all the best restaurants in the city. - Tyson Cole, Uchi

The continued domination of the James Beard Southwest with another Beard being awarded to an Austin chef.- John Bates, Noble Pig Sandwiches

I bet we start to see some of the sous chefs and line cooks and bartenders from the prominent venues rise up and open their own spots. We’ve got a really deep bench now, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do.- Bill Norris, Midnight Cowboy

People will STILL keep opening steakhouses downtown, the South Side restaurant scene will continue to explode, the Texas Food Caucus will help enact some laws to help local agriculture, and someone will FINALLY open something awesome south of Ben White.- Mat Clouser, Swift's

Mullets replace trendy beards and moustaches. Thongs replace plaid flannel shirts.- James Newman, Service Menswear

The Chinese are going to invade. Well, maybe that’s 2014. I predict more fusion, not just straight-up French, Italian, Mexican. More people are taking world flavors and mixing them with local ingredients.- Jason Dodge, Peche/Cherry St

Very excited about the new venues opening up on E 6th Street. Many new operators with exciting concepts -- The Chicago House, Bourbon Girl & the new HQ for the Alamo Drafthouse to name a few.- Doug Guller, Bikinis/Pelon's