Comedian Chris Trew's picks for a totally decent weekend

Austin Austin is a festival town. Austin is a comedy town. Who better to give you the 411 on where to be this weekend than the very funny comedian AND improv wizard Chris Trew of New Movement Theater. When Chris isn’t grooming his majestic beard or acting out one of his many, many personalities, he’s eating burgers apparently. And doing other things:

El Sapo
“This re-branded burger joint on Manor Rd makes me feel good. Burgers are everywhere, I get it, but this feels different. Not in a creepy way. In a burger way.” Continue Reading

Lavaca Street Bar
"The NBA playoffs are in session and you want to be somewhere with lots and lots of TV screens so you don't have to have boring conversations with your weird friends. Lavaca Street has that, and surprisingly good food as well. Touchdown!"

Dane's Body Shop
"Dane is this real muscley guy. He took an auto shop and turned it into a gym. Dane is huge. Let's all go work out at Dane's and feel better about all those hamburgers we eat."

Inspire Pro Wrestling
"Pro wrestling is real and Austin's love for the sport is even realer. Multiple companies are based right here and putting on great monthly events. We should all end our weekend with wrestling."

Moontower Comedy and Oddity Fest
"What's the biggest comedy festival in town? Moontower. Do yourself and your date a favor and take in a show. Any show. Support the out-of-town talent and most definitely support the local talent. Yeah, this is a big deal, people. I'll be performing at The New Movement on Saturday night at 8pm and 10:30pm. Find me, hug me, and let's never let each other go."

Check out the Moontower Comedy Festival schedule and follow Chris Trew on “the Twitter” @christrew.