Hand-crafted Central Texas hooch

DJ Screw's career would've been slowed down much more than 30% had he stayed in Smithville, but the Bone Spirits guys figured out a way to not be screwed by staying small-town: chopping up small batches of Moody June gin to join their Smith's Vodka and Fitch's Goat Corn Whisky & Moonshine, aka "mid-century purple drank". The American Dry hooch was strategized by a guy who spent the '90s assisting the honcho behind Grey Goose and Jager. He enlisted a Walter White-esque Norwegian chemistry PhD, who now constantly climbs the five-story fracturing column (this processes the base spirit, and is taller than most) to make sure the millions of packing distill points are producing the purest grain alcohol possible, spending so much time in the warehouse that he rarely sees the Blue Sky.In an approach that would've saved the Ghostbusters a lot of trouble from Dickless, Moody follows the same green philosophy as Bone's other spirits: they hand-pick their juniper berries, recirculate their local corn's byproducts to neighboring farms, and generally use all-organic ingredients, from South TX zested citrus, to bonus botanicals like cassia, orris root, coriander, licorice, and angelica root -- all in all, a delicious way for your brain to get very, very slow.