Get a piece of a boat

Owning a boat's what the American Dream is all about: the freedom to chart your own course, and the freedom to amend that course when you've got to work weekends to pay off that back-breaking boat mortgage, or "bortgage". Live the Dream more sensibly, with Nautical Monkey.

Captained by a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to get the most mileage out of their own aquatic ride (the Dot Calm), Monkey allows you to buy fractional shares off boat owners -- basically whatever they're willing to part with and you're willing to take on, be it 1/2, or the percentage of Native American blood flowing through most people claiming to be "part Cherokee" (1/32). Assuming you're a Man Seeking Boat, just create a basic profile to browse potential semi-purchases by body of water, marina, or type of craft; after you've worked out terms with the owner, claim sailing/motoring days via a smart-cal that prioritizes weekends/holidays, but doesn't count last-minute reservations towards monthly usage -- keeping the vessel from sitting on the dock of the bay wasting time. More tools include you, because you're now that guy ferrying around strippers an expense tracker for sharing costs (mortgages, taxes, maintenance, dock fees...), a service request form to send group admins, and a mobile-friendly tool for logging fuel level and condition upon embarking/docking.

The site's still in its infancy, but in the coming year the owners hope to expand into making aircraft ownership affordable -- which is less about the American Dream, and more about the American...Spirit.