Get a first look at a hand-held hack-n-slasher

Mobile gaming should be more about cutting up evil hordes than rope, fruit, or your wrists because you can't finish level 3-1 of Angry Birds. So this weekend, hit the unveiling of God of Blades: White Whale Games' pulp-fantasy-novel and prog-rock-influenced side scroller, debuting at the Highball during the monthly indie-gaming meet-up Juegos Rancheros. Basically, you'll love this game if you...

  • were mastering the Bushido Blade while all the other kids were out Street Fighting
  • wish Brian Eno had done soundtracks for weird 1970s Italian horror movies
  • always thought you deserved a magical sword for Foursquaring your arrival at a library?
  • were nerding out to pulp fantasy novels way before the people who beat you up for doing that picked up Game of Thrones
  • find yourself incensed by the way other games involving imaginary creatures play loose with the laws of physics
  • want to protect the planet from doom-cults, and also once joined a Doom cult

Intrigued? Then watch the trailer, then head to the Highball for happy hour-priced booze and hands-on demos (including bonus levels involving endless evil hordes!), or you'll be one angry bird.