Horsemanning is just too creepy

Published On 09/01/2011 Published On 09/01/2011

Even the most horizontal of memes must someday sink to a watery Internet grave, so the time seems right for Stocking is the New Planking: the latest meta-photo-staging craze, started by a group of Austin designers who, after spending countless hours trolling iStockphoto, etc., for generic images, realized those generic images were funny as balls, and started cheekily reproducing them side-by-side.

Stagings of stagings run from an office worker climbing a mountain of papers in a scene that could accompany an extremely unhelpful article entitled "Workplace Stress: Do's and Don'ts", to a suit screaming at his terrified subordinate through a megaphone, a scene that could accompany an extremely helpful article entitled "You're The Boss: Do Whatever The Hell You Want". Then there are the goofy and/or downright offensive attempts at sexiness, like a raven-haired vixen posing suggestively with her lips covered in sprinkles, a 10yr-old who's way too young for that lipstick, and one guy playing ukelele to another guy who appears to be exploding with ecstasy -- a mocking take on a stock photo depicting that same interaction, only with a man and a pregnant woman, so looks like that ukelele really works.

Although many photos are shot by the site's founders, they also encourage user submissions to help keep the meme alive, at least until the next fad arrives, and the stocking market crashes.



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