Stage a theater takeover

The movie theater experience can be out of your control, from loud jerks ruining your viewing of Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood, to LB2tH going straight to DVD, robbing you of the opportunity to get angry at a bunch of jerks for ruining it for you. Giving you power over both film and audience: Tugg. Homegrown by a guy who worked for Terrence Malick for 8yrs (around half a Malick production) and a Uruguayan start-upper, Tugg lets you schedule screenings (35mm when avail) at local theaters at no cost, so long as you can get enough people to pledge to buy tickets. Just pick a title from their expanding library of 500+ films (or make a special request), enter your social networking data so they can gauge your promotional clout, and you'll be contacted w/in 24hrs by a Tugger who'll guide you through theater selection & event-page creation; after that, you must fill the ticket quota (usually 40-60) by 72hrs prior to start-time, or YOU DIE... of loneliness in the aisles of I Love Video.To give you an idea of the power of Tugging, we've put together a special Alamo Ritz screening of stoner-fest Austin High -- because any movie dedicated to the glorification of pot-of-gold deserves to be seen on the big screen.