Become a Muay Thai master

Become the Man With The Iron Fists, Elbows, Knees, And Feet, with a little Muay Thai training from the Austin Kickboxing Academy: a facility run by experienced MMAers who're ready to train up almost anyone into a master of the Art of Eight Limbs

This paradoxical "squared circle" is only a small part of their 6,000sqft facility

Head instructor Randy Vera has been kicking ass/face for 20 years, and recently took his talents to pro MMA

The national sport of Thailand requires throwing a few 'bows

Vera describes this defensive stance as "hold a phone, leave me alone"

He's not going the distance, he's going for speed

Even during grueling training sessions, there's plenty of time to hang out

If three out of four Muay Thai kicks cause you to pull a groin muscle, they also offer traditional boxing under Charles Adams, who had a 30% knockout rate as a '70s-'80s pro, and's nicknamed "Ezzard Charles", after the heavyweight great whose own nickname was "The Cincinnati Cobra"

He dishes out the medicine

So you'll grow up to be real strong.