A neon-leaning comic collective

The publishing industry is a leviathan -- there are writers, visual artists, agents, editors, and distributors, all working tirelessly at being ignored in favor of whatever's playing on USA. Handling the leviathan on their own, Gold County Paper Mill.

A collective of pseudonymous artists and poets that formed in the ATX before scattering cross-country, GCPM is a totally DIY alt-comic publishing house churning out equal parts maximalist neon futurescapes, minimalist lo-fi black & white sketchings, and bombastic experimental post-Beat poetry (after reading it, you just fall asleep?). The Austin anchor is "William Cardini", whose scribbling career began at the Daily Texan and has since evolved into a mind-twisting alt-dimension called the Hyperverse, where characters like the 1000-year old magician Miizzzard and his rival Wojrollox battle in an eternal tug-of-war; the Miz's amphibian familiar gets over a "Froghead Hangover"; and a series of one-off characters and inanimate objects go through weird melting changes in a single-pager called Tranz, probably the first time you'll be wishing there was another page of tranzies. Other Millers run from local short fictionist "D.T. Fullen", to Houstonians like folk singer "Dr. Chuch" and Gothic inker "Michael Miles", who just penned a little something called "Lords ov thee Black Sun", a title whose trademarking is really going to bum out thousands of yet-unnamed Soundgarden cover bands.

The crew's also fond of collab'ing, recently getting together with Philly's Yeah Dude on a stunning 11"x17" 3D comic -- complete with red/blue glasses -- called "Math Fiction", though sadly it doesn't take a mathematician to count the number of people who'll turn off Starship Troopers to read it.