Pints from the four corners of the ATX

No matter where you choose to rest your head, it probably rests cloudier thanks to the breweries at the Texas Craft Beer Festival: a 6hr Fiesta Gardens celebration that boasts an all-star list of over 100 taps (so don't forget your dancing shoes). While cities as far apart as Granbury (Revolver) and College Station (New Republic) are represented, you could make a day of it by just hitting the four corners of the ATX, which only had three corners before gentrification:North: From the majestic shores of Quarry Lake all the way up to the Northwestern parks of cedar, NWA brings it with a dry-hopped cask of Rogness Rattler and Adelbert's peach-fermented Naked Nun, who clearly does terrible things to support her habit.East: The '02 is going hard with Hops & Grain's ALTeration (aged in Maker's barrels), and going green with Live Oak's 100% organic Lapsang Souchong China black tea-infused Oaktoberfest. Finally, beer gets tea-bagged, instead of making you do it to someone else.West: Farmhousers Jester King have their white-oak-casked Commercial Suicide English Mild, while Blanco heavyweights Real Ale will come correct with barrel-aged Scots Gone Wild Sour (it's all fun and games until somebody gets kilt).South: The far realms of 290 boast coffee-casked Bootlegger Brown from Independence, as well as South Austin Brewing Co's Golden Ale and Saison D'Austin -- as for the Saison Du College Station, it'll probably be a long one after traveling too far southeast.