All your base are belong to these guys

Despite gaming's rep as a solitary pursuit, 64% of gamers prefer to play with others -- but while the Internet does help players join forces, it's much better suited for playing with yourself. Offering gamers a face-to-face experience: Mothership. Captained by a husband and his incredibly understanding non-gamer wife, this bully-free nerd zone aims to serve every aspect of geek identity, from providing a place to play, to retailing computer and tabletop games, plus related merchandise like books and apparel

Each of their 20 custom-built PCs (16GB ram, 3.4GHz processors) are outfitted with 27in HD screens, Razer peripherals, a GB network connection, and top titles like League of Legends, Diablo 3, WoW, Starcraft 2, Star Wars: Old Republic, and Minecraft, the Barry Bonds to Minesweeper's "Cap" Anson-era graphics

For-sale video-less games include Pathfinder, D&D, Magic the Gathering, Small World, and HeroClix, and there's also clothing from J!nx, whose prints range from NES ephemera like triforces and Fire Flower Mario, to originals like "Guns Don't Kill People, Magic Missiles Do", though the Fire Flower crowd might have something to say about that

In the future they plan to host tourneys and meet-ups, and perhaps most importantly, are in the process of obtaining a permit to sell alcohol, a decision that nearly 100% of gamers can -- or at least should -- agree with.