A skydiving simulator R. Kelly would love

For everyone who ever wanted to jump out of a plane but was afraid of heights, and jumping out of planes, there's iFLY Austin. Designed to mimic free-fall, their system harnesses the same technology as the simulators used by skydiving professionals and the military, who are probably even better than skydiving professionals, but don't have sweet business cards. Here's what you need to know

  • The setup's powered by twin 800hp fans that blow up in yo face
  • They produce winds of up to 120mph -- that's 80x as fast as a Tim Wakefield knuckle ball
  • Beginners need only a quick course before taking 60sec plunging sessions with an instructor
  • Once you're really experienced, you can do flips and other things that make you go "woo!"
  • You'll also be able to fly with friends, who'll shame you from going "woo!"
  • They do large groups, even big family reunions
  • They don't do overly large people, so if you have trouble even sitting in a plane, you might need to drop a few before you drop