Take a game crawl through Berlin

Published On 11/26/2013 Published On 11/26/2013

In a city so full of suds, any amateur can go on a bar crawl through Berlin -- it takes someone special to do that bar crawl and engage in an awesome competitive game at every outpost… so naturally we put one together. Be warned however, this is not a quick journey. If you want to engage in this epic (yes, we are using that word appropriately) tour, you must reserve an entire day for it…

Underground Lasergame

1. Underground Lasergame
Start off at Potsdamer Platz for some blood-pumping hand-to-hand combat (sort of) by playing laser tag in an abandoned WWII bunker. They don’t have a bar on site, but you can reward yourself afterwards w/ a beer stein at the nearby Lindenbräu.

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2. Spielbank
You’ll see shady hole-in-the-wall casinos all over the city, but the big kahuna is just around the corner. Release some of your battle energy and continue day-drinking at this massive casino, then make excellent and well-informed decisions in either the basement poker room, or the above-ground slots & card games.

Katherine Sacks

3. Berlin Kart
When your wallet’s satisfyingly heavier, take the U8 to Neukölln’s Boddinstrasse to the city’s biggest go-kart track. Strap into one of their cars, which can hit between 4.5 and 6.5 horsepower, and build up a thirst for an ice-cold beer from their bar afterwards.

Schwarzlicht Minigolf Kreuzberg

4. Schwarzlicht Minigolf Berlin
Now head up to Kreuzberg on the U8, getting off at Kotbusser Tor. A few blocks away, you can bring the competitive edge back to the day (& put your black light T back on) w/ a rousing game of sci-fi-themed, black light mini golf. Lowest score buys lunch, and the next round of beers, at the next-door Restaurant Edelweiss.

Tante Lisbeth

5. Tante Lisbeth
Now roll around the corner, and into this Kreuzberg bar, which embraces the neighborhood’s love of vintage kitsch w/ tons of retro furniture, cheap booze & a '70s-era bowling alley in the basement. Two separate alley areas are rentable for groups by the hour; not surprisingly, it’s popular, so book in advance.

Katherine Sacks

6. East Side Bowling
Next, head over the Spree River into Friedrichshain to this massive gaming hall. There’s more bowling, but we suggest saving your competitive edge for the darts, pinball machines, foosball tables, and air hockey. The resto serves draft beer & pub food, if that mental workout has worked up an appetite.


7. Spielwiese
Walk a few blocks towards Warschauer Strasse and you’ll run into this gaming café with a strict "no wedgie-ing" policy. The décor might look elementary school w/ its bright-colored chairs, but the board game competition is hardcore & many are in English. They serve mostly organic food & drinks incl. some from a local co-op; try the locally produced Quartiermeister Beer.

Katherine Sacks

8. Pool & Cigars
From Spielwiese, the M10 tram will swing you around Danziger Strasse, dropping you off just a block away from the Kulturbrauerei, a former brewery turned entertainment hub. On the first floor, you’ll find the American-style saloon Pool & Cigars, w/ 15 Brunswick pool tables, a menu heavy on whiskey drinks & cigars, big screen TVs & direct access to the next-door club, Soda.

Dr. Pong

9. Dr. Pong
Finish off the night just around the corner on Eberswalde Strasse at Dr. Pong, a hole-in-the-wall clubhouse bar. There’s a foosball table, but the main event here is table tennis, played the European, round-table style (called Rundlauf in Deutsch). There’s only one table, but plenty of beer & a few cocktails to keep you busy while you wait for your turn to paddle it out.

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1. Underground Lasergame Stresemannstr. 95Y, Berlin, 10963

Located in an abandoned WWII bunker, Underground Lasergame puts a scary-realistic twist on your classic laser tag battle.

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2. Spielbank Berlin Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 1, Berlin, 10785

Feelin' lucky? Head to Spielbank and try your hand at all the classic casino games like poker, black jack, and slots, located on multiple floors.

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3. Berlin Kart Werbelinstr. 50, Berlin, 12053

There's nothing quite like getting behind the wheel to command 6.5 horses on the track. Strap on your driving gloves and climb in the cockpit here for a day of deserved racing fun.

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4. Schwarzlicht Minigolf Berlin Görlitzer Straße 1, Berlin, 10997 (Kreuzberg)

Mini golf is fun, but mini golf under black lights and trippy fluorescent colors? That's just baller mini golf and that's what happens here.

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5. Tante Lisbeth Muskauer Straße 49, Berlin, 10997 (Kreuzberg)

This Kreuzberg bar features retro furniture, cheap drinks, and a pair of separate bowling alley areas that you can rent by the hour.

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6. East Side Bowling Koppenstr. 8, Berlin, 10243 (Freidrichshain)

This huge Friedrichshain gaming hall has more than just bowling. If you want to play darts, pinball, foosball, or air hockey (while taking down draft beers and bar food), this is the hall for you.

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7. Spielwiese Kopernikusstr. 24, Berlin, 10245

This gaming bar has a plethora of different board games (many of them are in English), and they serve organic food and drinks to keep you energized and on the winning path.

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8. Pool & Cigars Schönhauser Allee 36, Berlin, 10435 (Charlottenberg)

This American-style saloon houses 15 Brunswick pool tables, big screen TVs, and a hearty menu of whiskey and cigars.

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9. Dr. Pong Eberswalder Strasse 21, Berlin, 10437 (Prenzlauerberg)

This divey clubhouse bar has plenty of beer and cocktails on their menu, as well as a single ping pong table to play a round in between drinks.



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