Why Berlin's club scene beats any US city's...

Published On 10/01/2013 Published On 10/01/2013
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1. Berghain / Panorama Bar Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin, 10243

This popular Berlin club was named one of the best in the world, so if you're into clubbin', head here and you're bound to enjoy the techno-fueled party.

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2. Club der Visionaere Am Flutgraben 1, Berlin, 12435

This is a chill open-air bar/club, whose laid-back attitude and atmosphere is more conducive to a relaxing evening of sipping drinks, rather than crazy sweaty dancing, which is what makes it a nice change of pace in the Berlin club scene.

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3. Katerholzig Michaelkirchstr. 23, Berlin, 10179

Located on the Spree River, Katerholzig is a substantial indoor/outdoor club with a decent-sized dance floor and various other rooms to explore, as well as a resto on the top floor.

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4. Watergate Falckensteinstr. 49, Berlin, 10997

Watergate offers two floors of super-charged partying, a river-side terrace outside, and typically, long lines of people waiting to join the action.

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5. Spindler & Klatt Köpenicker Strasse 16-17, Berlin, 10997

S&K boasts a sweet river-side location where it features both a restaurant and club, not to mention plenty of space on their patio to lounge on a futon and enjoy a drink and an amazing view.

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6. Badeschiff Eichenstr. 4, Berlin, 12435

One of the most unique clubs in Berlin, Badeschiff is an outdoor beach bar that features a pool... in a river. Once you pay a small entry fee, you're free to roam the beach, roof, or have a dip in the pool. During the summer months, there’s plenty of room to lounge around and tan, but you’ll often find DJs and dance parties here, too.

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7. Rummelsburg Landstraße 2-12, Berlin, 12459

Rummelsburg is a beach party club, plain and simple, with a tiki bar DJ, sandy dance space, and palm trees swaying in the breeze. It also offers a number of bars and tasty BBQ.

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8. YAAM Stralauer Platz 35, Berlin, 10243

As hard as it is to believe, YAAM is an Afro-Caribbean beach, smack dab in the middle of Berlin. This sandy venue is a nightclub/concert venue/beach, complete with sand, a bar, and African street food.

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9. Cookies Friedrichstraße, Berlin, 10117

This underground club offers a variety of themes inside, such as a chapel, as well as a resto upstairs and bars slinging signature cocktails, so you can have a supremely unique club experience in Mitte.

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10. KitKatClub Köpenicker Str. 76, Berlin, 10179

The KKC attracts a diverse group of people from all over Europe, who come to listen and dance to techno and trance, as well as engage in far more explicit activities that the club actually allows (that is if you follow the strict and strange dress code that requires latex, leather, high style, and glamor attire).

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11. Tresor Köpenicker Straße 70, Berlin, 10179

One of Berlin's oldest and most legendary clubs, this techno-blasting dance party venue was created in 1991 in the vaults of a former department store, and today it doesn't open til midnight and closing time is usually TBD.

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12. Golden Gate Schicklerstraße 4, Berlin, 10179

Located in Mitte, Golden Gate is one of Berlin's grittiest clubs, which consists of a small, dark dance floor where parties sometimes last until the following afternoon.

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13. Stattbad Gerichtstr. 65, Berlin, 13347

If you've never been to a club that has an empty indoor swimming pool inside, you've never been to Stattbad. This unique club/art gallery/event space looks gritty and a bit dilapidated, making it a unique draw for clubbers.