The Berlin Bucket List: 33 Things to Do Before You Die

Published On 05/12/2015 Published On 05/12/2015

Life. You only get to do it once, and if you know what you're doing, you'll spend a fair chunk of it in Berlin. Of course, while you're there, you'll want to squeeze every last drop of wondrousness out of the city, which is why we've drawn up this convenient bucket list -- a lineup of all the cool stuff you'll need to do in the German capital while you still can.

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1. Check out the Reichstag’s glass dome... from the inside

You’ll need to book ridiculously far ahead, but it is free. 

2. Sing at the Bearpit Karaoke

Because there’s nothing quite like conquering three minutes of fame in Mauerpark. 

3. Wander out to a lake

From Wannsee to Schlachtensee, there’s much exploring to do in Berlin’s outback. 

4. Join a demonstration

Live concerts, marches, and impromptu slam poetry prove that in Berlin, slaying apathy is a good time.

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5. Sneak into Spreepark

At your own risk of angry German security guards, trespassing fines, and the weight of your own conscience, of course. 

6. Go to a summer festival

Berlin Festival, splash!, Melt!. Lineups and after-parties are consistently on point here. 

7. Take a river cruise on the Spree

You’ll see the city’s arches and architecture from a different (and fantastic) perspective. 

8. Wake up at 4am and go clubbing

It’s an expert’s trick: raving is not quantity, but quality.

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9. Go to the Pergamon Museum

Because out of everything on Museum Island, the Pergamon Altar and Ishtar Gate will especially blow your mind. 

10. Have a techno picnic in the park

All you need is a few beers, a radio, and a Gorli or Hasenheide. 

11. Explore Tiergarten

Just avoid the wild swine! Seriously, they are assholes. 

12. Sample Turkish sweets at Pasam Baklava

So much pistachio, walnut, and phyllo sugary goodness.


13. Go to Peacock Island

This little island in Wannsee is full of free-roaming, swaggering, and possibly insecure birds. 

14. Eat at Markthalle Neun’s breakfast market

Bloody Marys and eggs Benny galore. Enough said. 

15. Party on May Day

It’s basically your civic duty. 

16. Rummage at a flea market

Don’t even just go to Mauerpark. Berlin’s got so many more.

Flickr/Stephen Burch

17. Go up Teufelsberg

Go up to this former spy station, and you'll be the one who sees everything. 

18. Walk around KaDeWe

Just revel at the biggest shopping mall in Europe, and its over-the-top gourmet food hall. 

19. Cut a rug at Clärchens Ballhaus

And order a schnitzel. You won’t regret it. 

20. Hang out at Tempelhof in the morning

Whether you’re fresh out of Berghain or going for a run, it’s a great way to start (end?) the day.


21. Go to the Berlinale

Skip the red carpet and find some of the more cool independent showings. 

22. Light some fireworks on New Year’s

Again, it’s your civic duty. 

23. Eat currywurst at Konnopke’s Imbiss

It may be an imbiss, but it’s a century-old Berlin institution. 

24. Stop in at Berghain on Sunday afternoon

It’s just way better after a big German breakfast.

Flickr/Gertrud K.

25. Go to the Festival of Lights

See the same old tourist attractions in... another light! We're not even sorry about that pun.

26. Take a photo in a Photoautomaten

Extra points if it’s done after a 24-hour shift at a nightclub. 

27. Walk along the East Side Gallery

Tourists or not, it’s an amazing piece of history. 

28. Visit Gendarmenmarkt

Christmas is best served with glĂĽhwein, homemade marzipan, and steak buns.

Flickr/Addison Berry

29. Eat a döner at Mustafa’s

The wait may be long, but we promise it’s worth it. 

30. Go to a naked sauna

At first it’ll be weird, then you’ll just let it all hang loose. 

31. Check out the Maybachufer Turkish Market

And don’t miss the buskers who play near the end during summertime. 

32. See a movie at an open-air cinema

Or what about Berlin’s new open-air whirlpool cinema

33. Spend the entire summer in Berlin

Trust us. There’s honestly nothing better.

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