Tech it to the limit with the year's best

Uber: Just now rolling into the Hub after improving, nay, vastly improving, urban car-calling culture in cities across the country, Uber's a stupid-simple phone app that allows you to one-touch-signal whichever town car happens to be closest to you...more

Tasted Menu: From a Harvard Business grad tired of sifting through restaurant write-ups that have nothing to do with food, TM's a Brookline-based site that skips silly words entirely and lets you find/rate just the best dishes on the menu...more

Sextsy: The intrepid soul behind this carefully curated Tumblr sifts through the pages of the world's largest do-it-yourself e-market to find its most attractive models and lady vendors...more

Zoc Doc: Finally saving Bostonians from what the company claims are the nation's longest medical wait times (...and also, illness), ZocDoc is essentially OpenTable for MDs, allowing you peek inside real-time doc schedules and book appointments...more

Split the Rent: STR's an ingenious algorithm-driven online abacus that uses price-per-square foot estimates to fairly divvy up the rent between up to eight roomies in a "neutral and objective" manner...more