Boston Guy Spots 'Sea Monstah,' Predictably Goes Wicked Crazy

Facebook/Michael Bergin

The "Masshole" is a very specific breed of American male: centrally located (but not limited to) the greater Boston-area; recurrent lack of pronouncing the letter "R" at the end of words; driving skills equivalent to Helen Keller in a superstorm; a self-exaggerated connection with Thomas Edward Brady; and of course, cursing.

Sample sentence: "I can't believe this Masshole cut me off four times, it's probably because he's trying to hold a 'Dunks regulah ice coffee with two styrofoam containuhs."

Today was a great way to end summer thank u

Posted by Michael Bergin on Thursday, September 17, 2015
Now Michael Bergin -- who posted this video of his encounter with a mysterious, rather large fish -- is probably a nice man, and not necessarily a bonafide Masshole. But, the aforementioned clip packs more Massachusetts stereotypes than a Wahlberg family picnic.

Is it dying? Is it a fucking whale? It a tuna? A floundah with the fins? All we truly know is that he's seeing some shit he ain't nevah seen before.

Congrats Mike, and your frequently mentioned buddy, Jay -- you guys fuckin' made it, bro. And you didn't even have to call the Coast Gauhhhd.

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