Tweet/delight in comments about TV shows you missed

Published On 01/13/2012 Published On 01/13/2012

If you find it increasingly difficult to watch old episodes of The Bachelor without wishing you knew if other people on Twitter thought they, too, might've gotten a lap dance from Blakeley, then move your digital *ss over to TweePLayer. The Natick-based site billed as "DVR for Social Media" lets you simultaneously watch TV shows/ sports/ events you missed live alongside the corresponding Twitter convo that took place when the program originally aired, even using wizard science to allow you to go back in time and add your own hilarious commentary about how many times Jenna the blogger cried in some other girl's bed.

Choice Tweets from recent episodes you probably missed include:

Grey's Anatomy sarahBTRlover33: RT @KyleniusTaurus: Shard of glass in her eye?! F**k all that!!! #GreysAnatomy.

csocci: Where are the ugly people ??? #greysanatomy That's the problem with American TV. No ugly people. Check out #BBC

Glee callmecara: Sassy black women singing Christmas songs is like finding a $20 bill in your pocket. Magical. #glee

good_katana: Wait, Rachel's Jewish, therefore she doesn't celebrate Christmas. #Glee has holes in their plot for this episode!

Work It Just kidding, of course. Nobody watches Work It.



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