Your 5-step guide to Salem Halloween

Salem totally owns Halloween... because, you know, witches. And really old, really haunted houses. Put on your Ghostbusters costume and take the commuter rail (DON’T drive) up to Witch City for their month-long festival, Haunted Happenings. Here are five reasons to join the fright club (but obviously not talk about it... in fact, we've said too much):

Salem's 13 Ghosts

Looking for thrills? (Probably... you ARE reading Thrillist). From now until November 9th, Chambers of Terror is bringing the scary with movie-quality sets, no lame/sad animatronics (looking at you, Epcot), and one very evil clown. Then dare to navigate the trippy 3-D Haunted House, a black-lit mind-melter of distorted reality with creatures lurking everywhere. And you get to wear 3-D glasses.

Mahi Mahi Cruises & Charters

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. Hear terrifying tales of local pirates, eerie islands, and ferocious sea monsters aboard Mahi Mahi’s Haunted Harbor Cruise along the North Shore and Misery Islands. Don’t fret... the bar and grill will be open, and a few sips of the signature Grandma’s Spiked Cider will calm your nerves. A burger and some chowder might help, too. Tix are $25, times vary by day, and cruises run until November 1st.

Gallows Hill: The Witchcraft and Ghost Experience

Add some suds to your scares at Gallows Hill as they present “Tales and Ales” starting at 8:45pm, from now until October 25th. Sample three local ales (a rotating selection), and then settle into story time in the Gallows theater. Sir Arthur Hennessey spins yarns about ghosts and madness set in Salem’s storied past. You pay for the whole seat, but you’ll only need the edge.


Rockafellas in downtown Salem goes for the jugular with the Vampires Macabre Party from 9pm-12:30am on Friday, October 17th. Dress up like your favorite bloodsucker (Dracula, the IRS) for a chance at prizes and giveaways. The Lisa Love Experience will be rocking your favorite undead dance jams. Just make sure you get home before sunrise. Bonus: cover is only $7.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Jump to the left at midnight on Friday, October 17th, for the as-always interactive viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Cinema Salem. For some extra insanity: The Teseracte Players of Boston will be performing a live shadowcast alongside this classic, bad-yet-good movie. Prepare the transit beam!

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