A party game as despicable as your friends

Published On 02/08/2011 Published On 02/08/2011

When it comes to party games, your choices are lacking: Trivial Pursuit is slow, Jenga is annoying to set up, and with Twister, everyone always gets distracted and starts having sex. Finally offering you the game your party deserves, Cards Against Humanity.

Created by a couple of high school buddies as a NYE "party game for horrible people", CAH's essentially a more offensive/less PC version of Apples to Apples that's billed as being "as despicable and awkward as you and your friends", although as awful as he is, calling Ross despicable might be pushing it. Game play is straight-up simple: after each player is dealt 10 Answer Cards, a randomly selected "Card Czar" reads aloud one of the fill-in-the-blank questions and everyone takes his/her best shot at concocting the most hilarious word/phrase response from the options in hand; the Czar then reads all of the submitted answers to the group, and rewards the funniest one with an "Awesome Point", also how wizards compliment each other's hats. So if you were playing right now, Question Cards like "What did I bring back from Mexico?" or "I drink to forget ____________" could elicit Answer Card examples like "foreskin," "lactation," "*ssless chaps," "girls who shouldn't go wild," and "vigorous jazz hands" -- which are all also answers to the question, "Name five things Charlie Sheen ate today."

Because every night's game night, eager beavers can download the free do-it-yourself PDF kit (complete with instructions for printing/customizing cards) online now; or, if you're a little less Martha Stewart, preorder the soon-to-be-released professional boxed version for only $15 -- a good price, even if you can't manage to get your hand on green.



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