10 Reasons to Get Excited About Thrillist Charlotte


What time is it Charlotte? It’s Thrillist time. What is Thrillist time? It’s a 24/7 window to brunch, burgers, and booze at your disposal. It's a collective of local Jedis pointing out where the force is strongest for food, drinks, and entertainment around your city. It’s dedicated to the beer-battered betterment of humanity. More specifically, Thrillist Charlotte is these 10 things:

1. We’re covering all of the essentials

Each week Thrillist will bring you a hearty helping of the best stuff to eat, drink, and do in Charlotte. Most often in the form a handy numbered list (100% of statistics show that our readers enjoy numbers).

2. We’re FREE

You can sign up here and have all this Thrillist goodness sent to your email inbox at no cost. There’s only one catch: that you don’t pay money for it.

3. We flock to great burgers like moths to a flame (that is grilling a great burger)

We know a burger-obsessed town when we see one, and Charlotte has plenty of fresh meat. Between spots like Bad Daddy's, Pinky's, and The Liberty, there’s a lot of carnivorousness to catch onto.

4. We have a deep-seeded reverence for deep-fried foods

A deep-fried pickle is a thing of beauty. Bless your hearts, which must be working very hard to process all these fried pickles.  

5. Thrillist looks SO fricking good on mobile 

Seriously, the Thrillist app is no joke, before you bite the photo of the burger on your screen, just click on it and we’ll bring you to where it is. You might even be reading this on your phone at this moment! Wait, are we talking directly to you right now? No? Ok, that got weird.

6. We'll torch our tongues in the name of tastiness

As one of the nation's spiciest cities, we're more than happy to breathe fire for the sake of finding the best tongue-numbing dishes around.

7. We won’t judge you for taking skyline selfies at BB&T Ballpark

Hell, we Instagram pretty much everything we eat.   

8. We know that the Carolina food scene extends well beyond BBQ

From bourbon-glazed pork belly tacos, to breakfast pizza, we’ll be there every bite of the way.   

9. We won’t bring up the word “bobcats” if you don’t

When you mess with the Hornets nest, you get the stinger (looking at you Macaulay Culkin).   

10. It’s about time everyone saw the best that Charlotte has to offer

Assuming they haven’t gone blind from drinking all that Midnight Moon.

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