The Clink

Because you can only watch that rapper dude in the Rebecca Black video be in fast lanes switching lanes so many times, there's The Clink: a web series of coffee break-friendly comedy shorts depicting the life of prisoners in the fictional Brimstone Correctional Facility as like "high school, with about the same amount of cattiness and slightly higher incidences of rape in the shower". Some choice episodes:Friends and FelonsThe prison's trial cell phone program hits a few bumps and a big bill as the inmates find ways to dial 900 numbers, text the warden epic poo pics, and gain over 30,000 Twitter followers in two weeks with tweets concerning what'll fit in an orifice, an obvious move, as Charlie Sheen wrangled millions of followers by just being an a-hole. Letters To SantaThe three violators from the cell phone program don't do any better responding to kids' letters to Santa, as some simply reply "No", while others deliver heartfelt messages to a child dealing with his parents' divorce before leaving a PS advising "if your parents are a**holes, make them cookies mixed with your own poop", immediately explaining why Amos is so Famous.The VisitorA presumed case of mistaken identity turns into a serial visitor pleading her case to have a relationship with a "passionate, poetic" prisoner, even if they are "murderers, thieves, and people who eat edible panties as snacks" -- gross, but a step up from sh***y little cookies.