26 Chicago Instagrams you need to follow right now

We all love Instagram -- showing off where we went, what we ate, what else we ate, what ELSE we ate -- but there are just some Chicagoans who blow your pics out of the perfectly sun-spotted, linearly tilt-shifted, 30% saturated water. After combing through thousands of photos of the Sears Tower (some even WITH a cloud!), we've settled on these 26 Instagrams that're worth following.


You won't find finer local food porn than the fan submissions coming into Chicago Food Authority. We're guessing you now want donuts.


The Chicago Tribune breaks out the contact sheets from its subterranean vault archives, giving us scenes like MLK shooting pool with swagger.


Photographer Paul Octavious is a major league Instagrammer, with 500,000+ followers checking out his seemingly impossible city shots and one-of-a-kind portraits.


Craig Shimala, the creative director at Threadless, also posts impressive time-lapse photography at @TimeLapseChicago.


Chicago’s resident clickbait factory has become more entertaining and educational than Buzzfeed.


Get an inside look at the craft beer scene around the Midwest/the job you wish you had.


Score a bird's-eye view of metropolis courtesy of photographer Nick Ulivieri.


This dentist chooses to take a break from staring in people's mouths to stare at Chicago architecture through a Nikon lens.


When he's not uploading pages from his sketch book, Jeff Guerrero is posting pics of Shake Shack. Both are good things.


Street-view photographer James Roach does an incredible job with time-lapse light shows.


This South Loop-based account puts out pristine shots of cityscapes and urban decay.


The Columbia College graphic design student builds beautiful cityscapes and surreal Photoshops -- hopefully we never get hit with a tidal wave.


Art director at Leo Burnett, Emma Batia Arnold has a keen eye for street fashion, somehow finding these all-American Icarus kicks.


If you want to see dynamite tattoos that’ll make you insecure about the giant Gumby ink on your back, look no further than Chicago tattoo artist David Allen, showcasing the work of Pioneer Studios.


Christopher Hainey: still life/portrait photographer by day, Maps & Atlases drummer by night.


Ever notice how J. Crew models appear to be in a flushed state of bewilderment? Second City director and DePaul ethics professor Jen Ellison has, and thus Drunk J. Crew was born.


Wicker Park designer and photographer Nathan Michael is a master of the overhead food shot, as seen in this fried chicken setup at Leghorn.


Most of Jason Peterson’s Instagram catalog is in black and white, with the occasional splash of supersaturated light.


The Chicago Lunch squad is on a mission to eat (and document) the best meals in town -- this pepperoni and ricotta pie from Coalfire is one of them.


Chicago filmmaker Ryan Postel excels at mixing wide-angle and macro views of the city.


Whether underground or above, Danny Mota’s use of filters to make colors and details pop is outstanding.


This couple has a penchant for street art, even finding murals hidden away in alleys.


You’ll find yourself in monochromatic bliss with architecture scenes from industrial designer Greg Foster.


Check out the latest exhibits -- "holy pop art Batman!" -- at Ukrainian Village’s hip art gallery right from your phone.


A minimalist photographer who brings to light tight, amazing details of Chicago that you’ve never noticed before.


Chase Turner, a creative strategist for Tumblr, fills his profile with buildings, airplanes, and the occasional one-finger salute to Donald Trump.

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Sean Cooley is Thrillist's Chicago Editor and you can follow his pitiful Instagram at @SeanCoolish.