DRYV: It's like Uber, but for laundry

Chicago's newest (only-est?), actually awesome, on-demand laundry & dry cleaning service, DRYV, is kinda the greatest thing ever: you punch in your cleaning needs on their site, and in 60mins or less, a "Dryver" will show up, grab your very-not-clean clothes, and then you can literally view the status of your order every step of the way (uh, if you're OCD). Once your dirties are clean...ies, they'll drop them right back off to you. Best of all? They're available nights and weekends & pricing is seriously reasonable.

Check out which neighborhoods they're currently servicing, and then get back to that hectic life of yours.

Julie Cerick is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist, and would definitely use this... if she didn't already know how to do her laundry like a big girl. Follow her on Twitter, yo.