Jimmer Fredette's Mormon-friendly guide to Chicago

Bill Smith/Chicago Bulls

With just under 15 minutes of play logged in six games, the Bulls latest acquisition, Jimmer Fredette, has had a lot of time to explore the city. Enough so, that the sharp-shooting point guard was able to sit down* with Thrillist City Editor Sean Cooley and Tyler Parker of Ballerball and go through all of the best places to party in Chicago, Mormon-style.

Bank of America Theatre
The Loop
“I haven’t seen The Book of Mormon yet, but everyone says it’s from the creators of South Park (haven’t seen the cartoon yet) and that it’s supposed to be really funny. Whitney and I have matinee tickets for next week, I’ll let you know how good it is.”

Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse
River North
“I had the chance to eat here with some teammates before my first game, and we ran into MJ while we were there. He gave us some great advice: ‘Keep your head down, nose to the grindstone, and be sure to hit the ‘over’ when you’re playing the Sixers next week’. He told me I’d look great with a ‘Jordan-style’ mustache -- flattering, but the church has such strict rules on facial hair."

Rush University Medical Center
West Loop
“Got to visit Derrick Rose during rehab and bring him a couple Gatorades and decals for his headphones. He was killing time in the doctor’s waiting room by throwing darts at a Miami Heat calendar (he hit Chris Bosh in the crotch four times in a row!). We watched some of his rehab routine -- mostly him doing 2,000 leg extensions while staring straight ahead and mouthing the words ‘I’m not done! I’m not done!’”

Redhead Piano Bar
River North
"I think when I told Joakim that I still kept up with the cougars, he didn’t realize I played for BYU. He took me to what he said was a "cougar hangout", and even though I didn’t see any alums, I did get to sing Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ to a crowd of super-friendly older women."

United Center Nacho Hut
West Loop
“Easily the best nachos in the city. Carl, the owner and operator of Nacho Hut, is a fantastic guy with a real talent for making you feel like you're his buddy. Now that I’m out of Sacramento, I finally don’t have to worry about Boogie Cousins slapping a nacho tray out of my hands and shouting 'GOT 'EM.'"

Dave & Buster’s
Near North Side
“Don’t be surprised to find me standing 23ft back from the Pop-A-Shot game and making it rain down Jimmies WHILE THE BASKET IS MOVING. Dave and Buster, you've both been Jimmer'd!”

Auntie Anne's
Navy Pier
"No visit to Navy Pier would be complete without a visit to the food court for a delicious pretzel. Went here on a trip with Coach Thibs and didn’t realize he’d get so fired up that they ran out of cinnamon pretzels. Hadn’t heard his scream that loud since a timeout after my first turnover where he told me to ‘drop your sister wives and the magic underwear, but hang on to the f-ing ball.’"

Pizza Rustica
"I like my pizza ovens like I like my shot charts – no bricks! But seriously, Whitney and I love the paninis."

Lush Wine and Spirits
North Center
"Just because we can’t drink alcohol (and most any beverage sold in stores) doesn’t mean I can’t go out for a drink with a buddy. Went to Lush with Kirk Heinrich and just asked him a few friendly questions: ‘What does the wine taste like? What’s the mouthfeel? How does wine make you feel about your life? Where do we go after this life?’ You know, the basics.”

*Thanks to Jimmer Fredette, who in no way, shape, or form actually made these picks, but hopefully contributes to the Bulls playoff run.

Tyler Parker is a contributing editor at Ballerball, part of ESPN's Truehoop Network.

Sean Cooley is Thrillist's Chicago Editor, and last week he live-tweeted a break up in his apartment mailroom. Follow him @SeanCooley.