An electronic puff palace in Lakeview

Smoque electronic cigarette shop

Isn't it disappointing how cigarettes never taste like Mountain Dew or custard cream pie? Well, electronic cigarette shop Smoque is putting an end to that nagging problem with a line of 32 smokable liquids in a huge range of flavors (including Marlboro, for those who fear change), all mixed in-house and available for sampling in their leather-chaired lounge

E-cigarettes are charged with a battery or USB cord and are available in any Power Ranger color. Simply hold down the button to heat up the juice, inhale the vapor, and enjoy not smelling like a bowling alley

Here are the samples, which you can try without the fear of being swallowed by hookah lounge throw pillows

Take-home bottles come in 5, 15, or 30ml sizes, with 30ml lasting a pack-a-day smoker about two weeks.

The menu has the four food groups covered: tobacco, dessert, drinks, and fruit. In addition to best sellers like cinnapear, there's a wish list at the bottom of the chalkboard, so you can try to fulfill that longtime dream of smoking Cap'n Crunch

A Red Bull flavor from the wish list was churned out in the shop's lab, with recipes made from scratch. It's kinda like Breaking Bad, except without having to melt anyone in acid or deal with Skyler's nagging. Oh, and also no meth.

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