Fruit. And Mixtapes. Delivered.

Quick, what are the two most random things you can think of? If you said "fresh fruit and mixtapes" then, well... whatever, there's no way you said "fresh fruit and mixtapes", but seriously that's what the dude behind burgeoning clothing line Domestic Workwear is slinging with his new Pedal-Powered Produce Party. It works like this: sign up, and every Saturday, a bike messenger -- likely with very sweet facial hair -- will deliver you a basket of local, hyper-affordable fruits and veggies sourced by the owner, who knows his bizness because he "ran health food stores in Indiana in a former life". On top of that, he'll also throw in mad arty zines, occasional local dry goods (honey, kombucha, good ol' sorghum?), and the aforementioned actual-cassette mixtapes (some of which will be from DJs in London and Paris and Potentially Other Foreign Cities That're Fancy, Huh) that're totally exclusive to people getting fruit, so you can "ensparkle your day with sweet jams on the stereo", while potentially making some sweet jam with that fruit you just got.Each week the basket will change with "microvarieties" of new fruits/veggies and other surprises so random, you probably just said them (no, of course you didn't, liar).