What Chicago postcards should really say

CHI Postcards

Postcards: they aim to be sunny and utopian, but they're ultimately the type of candy-coated BS that doesn't accurately capture day-to-day life in a city. That's why -- inspired by The Bold Italic's original takedown of SF (“Palace of Fine Farts”, indeed!) -- we came up with these 15 original Chicago postcards that cut away the crap, and say what we're all really thinking.

Crown Ftn CHI
Sean Cooley
CHI Bean
chicago hot dog
Flickr/Jeremy Ketih
chicago river
Flickr/Antonio Bovino
Buckingham fountain CHI
Sean Cooley
Beach CHI
logan square chi
Flickr/Steven Vance
Marilyn Monroe CHI
Flickr/Phil Roeder
lincoln park zoo CHI
wrigley field CHI
frozen lake michigan CHI
Flickr/edward stojakovic
picasso sculpture CHI
Flickr/Aaron Logan
Sean Cooley