He Wupped Batman's Ass: The Complex Simplicity of Chicago Legend Wesley Willis

Published On 04/22/2016 Published On 04/22/2016
Wesley Willis
Cherub Records/YouTube

“Willis didn’t boldly break the rules, because he didn’t know there were rules.”

Liam Deceman/Youtube

“[I Wupped Batman’s Ass] was audacious, weird, and funny. It made sense to a 16-year old who discovered irony last week. Then you get to ‘Chronic Schizophrenia,’ audacious became vulnerable, weird got lonely, and it wasn’t funny anymore.”

Courtesy of Carla Winterbottom
Courtesy of Carla Winterbottom

“... he saw beyond the physical as represented in his drawings and understood the intricacies of fast-food-fueled, fast-paced corruptible urban living.”

Courtesy of Wesley Willis Art
Stephen Gossett/Thrillist