23 things that Chicagoans love

After putting up with Winters, abandoned Cubs cakes, and about 99 other problems, folks in Chicago have every reason to be permanently... Illinoyed. Yet we carry on with Midwest charm (let's leave the jerk attitude for East Coasters), because there’s so damn much to love about the city. Like these 23 things:

things chicagoans love
Colin Joliat

1. Unhealthy food
We saw the humble pizza and thought, “This could accommodate at least seven times more cheese." We dunk entire Italian beef sandwiches in gravy. But it’s not like we don’t exercise -- standing in that Hot Doug’s line really tones the quads.

2. Complaining about the weather
Fact: a few years ago, it was 82 and sunny on St. Patrick’s Day. People whined it was too hot. THAT HAPPENED!

3. Movies filmed in Chicago
Watch The Dark Knight with a Chi resident, and you’ll undoubtedly hear, “I know where that is!” approximately every three minutes. That third one that was shot in Pittsburgh? Completely inferior.

4. Improv
Every single person you know is taking an improv class right now.

5. Day drinking
Anyone experiencing their first Summer here quickly learns they need to develop entirely new levels of tolerance and stamina. Because… we also like night drinking! And brunch drinking. Occasionally sleep drinking. Actually, just title this section “drinking”.

6. Michael Jordan
It’s a bond that no dubious, dictator-based facial hair or comedically questionable Kevin Bacon commercial can undo.

7. Electing dictatorial mayors
Wait, is that what the mustache was about, MJ? Cause, we’d definitely elect you.

8. The Chicago flag
T-shirts, tattoos, canine outfits… we put those four stars everywhere. And about one in 30 Chicagoans can actually explain what it means.

9. Chi-centric apartment decor
It’s not enough to have the skyline outside of your home -- you need a tasteful panoramic photo or painting inside as well. And a Chicago neighborhood map. Now, where to hang the flag?

10. Making fun of the suburbs
This practice is engaged in most frequently by… people who grew up in the suburbs.

11. Architecture
We’ll regale you with our thoughts on Frank Lloyd Wright, or just point at the Sears Tower and say, “Look how freaking tall that is."

12. Ignoring corporate sponsorship
In case you didn't notice from No. 11, it’s still the Sears. And it’s still Comiskey.

13. Aging baseball announcers
Is Hawk slowly slipping into Harry Caray territory? YESSS!

14. Their neighborhood
Whether or not that love is warranted is another matter.

15. Street fests
In the time you read this, three new Summer block parties will have received city approval.

16. Winning the Stanley Cup
Many Chicagoans enjoy watching the NHL playoffs. ALL of them enjoy lucking into a celebratory trophy selfie.

17. Shortcuts
Finding a route that shaves three minutes off your commute feels like finding a winning lottery ticket. Every day!

18. Delivery
Many would not survive Winter without the nourishment that comes from eating the same Thai food order for three days.Yes, the place that delivers until 4am.

things chicagoans love
Sean Cooley

19. Hybrid pastries
As the rest of the world suffered Cronut fatigue, we boldly forged ahead with the Wonut.

20. Overestimating the Bears’ record
It feels like 12-4! Every. Single. Year.

21. Free street parking
Increasingly a rare luxury. That street wasn’t permit parking a week ago, was it?

22. Being better than New York
We’re quite happy here, thank you.

23. Getting compliments from visiting New Yorkers we're better than
We don’t NEED your approval, but we do enjoy it.

Matt Lynch is a Senior Editor at Thrillist who will have to change his Twitter handle if he ever moves to another city, because it’s @MLynchChi.