City Clash

Clashes are pretty sweet, whether it's between Titans, or fans of the two versions, though considering the latter's box office returns, that might be more of a beatdown. Locking cities in mortal combat for your benefit: City Clash.Straight outta Germany, Clash is determined to create "valid lists of the best cities in the world" by crowdsourcing a consensus rather than considering "official indicators", as the Homeland Security Advisory System is clearly designed to wipe out the colorblind. Hit the homepage and you'll be prompted to choose two global cities you "know and like", kicking off a 15-round "clash" pitting them against one another in as many categories (economy, housing, shopping, etc.), with a sliding bar determining their awesomeness relative to one another on a scale of 1 to 10, but thankfully not one to Arthur, as it was pointed out just moments ago how poorly remakes of 1981 hit movies fare these days. You can peep current rankings by individual category, country, or the "top world city", with bragging rights momentarily resting with Stockholm, whose visitors are apparently also afflicted by their syndrome.As it just launched, the rankings tend to fluctuate heavily, but after getting enough interaction they should stabilize, which, after the beatdown he just took, sadly can't be said of the condition of that one dude who liked last year's Clash of the Titans. Kick 'em again!