Your daddy, stuntin' like a hipster

A lot of people won't believe that their dads were cool, despite the fact that you literally know that dude got laid, at least once, 27yrs ago in June. Proving father was trend-setting before this ish was even trendy, Dads: The Original Hipsters.This chuckle-worthy Tumblr thoughtfully presents washed-out old photos of dads back-in-the-daying before deftly highlighting how their steez's been co-opted by modern-day hipsters, like:"Your dad wore jorts before you did and his were shorter. He was showing off the man tackle to the breezies on his block and it worked. Turned out his camel tail was your mom's panty kryptonite.""Your dad did cocaine before you did and he has the t-shirt to prove it. Your dad was straight up gnar gnar"...which presumably is the sound of him nervously clenching his jaw."Your dad drank cheap beer before you did...Have you ever wondered who invented drinking games? It was your dad, he invented all of them to get your mom drunk."They'll happily internet-immortalize your own pops if you submit a photo for him, as despite his coolness, he still probably thinks a Tumblr is some fancy new position invented sometime in the last 27yrs.