Dallas's hottest fresh arrivals

Since our panel isn't a bunch of dermatologists, they're all pretty thrilled about these spots that appeared in 2012. Chef DAT, Underground ChefThere are sooo damn many... FT33, Stampede 66, Boulevardier, Mr. Mesero, and Standard Pour just to name a few.Patrick Russell, Max's Wine DiveBoulevadier, ACME F&B, some place called Max's.Lisa Garza, Sissy's Southern KitchenSome of my favorite new places are The Dram, Oak, Timothy Oulton, Mr. Mesero and Goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House.Danyele McPhereson, The GrapeStampede 66, Chicken Scratch, Torchy's Tacos (new SMU Blvd location) and Nora.Brian C. Luscher, The GrapeChicken Scratch, Off Site Kitchen/Tried & True, Driftwood, Boulevardier, East Hampton, Matt's Rancho Martinez.Tiffany Derry, Private SocialOak, and I still love Lucia.Josh Valentine, FT33Right now I really like Tried and True.Jerry de la Riva, Terrace BistroSISU uptown is a must go to put on your list; Dani Bui knows how to create a great atmosphere. Boulevardier has amazing food -- Chefs Randall and Tate are bringing very balanced flavors.John Tesar, SpoonI like Stampede 66 for its affordability -- It’s a great place to hang out. I love the mussels and wine at Boulevardier.